Fractals & Flotsam

My Jack Russell puppy, Pocket, is running toward me stirring up fallen leaves and tufts of color. “I’m going to play uptown, Nana.” I say. It is not a dream. It is not a memory, and I realize that everything that may have been, or that may be is falling away into some place that is. The only thing to do is spit, “Pptthh,” and fall into a world where nothing ever ends and no one is ever gone.

~Excerpt from the debut novel Fractals & Flotsam

“Wow, Ken, this is really amazing. You are a surrealist genius. This book is… original, poetic, scary, tender, funny and emotional.” Francesca Lia Block (author: Weetzie Bat, The Thorn Necklace)

“I loved reading this. This all feels so fluid and visceral and vibrant; it’s gritty and elegant at the same time.” Gayle Brandeis (author: The Book of Dead Birds, The Art of Misdiagnosis)